Chocolate Protein Mousse

We're firm believers that you should always eat dessert. By dessert, we mean treats made with raw cacao, natural sweeteners, seasonal fruits, healthy fats, and love. We both have major sweet tooths, but we're going to indulge on dessert, we're going to do so the right way and enjoy every bite. Which is why we made this Chocolate Protein Mousse to enjoy as either a sweet snack or light and simple dessert.


There are so many wonderful things about this Chocolate Protein Mousse. First, it's chocolate. Second, it's only sweetened with banana. Third, it's made using VEGA plant-based protein powder giving you about 13 grams of complete protein per serving. Fourth, it has only FIVE ingredients. Fifth, it tastes ahhhmazing. Sounds too good to be true, right?! We promise you'll fall in love with it.


The texture of this mousse is smooth and creamy from the fresh coconut meat which also provides the body with those oh-so-good-for-you healthy fats. We topped our Chocolate Protein Mousse with fresh blueberries and hemp seeds, making it quite possibly the best post-workout snack or healthy dessert! On a final note, if you're not a chocolate person, you could easily make this with vanilla protein powder for an equally delicious treat.



1 heaping cup fresh coconut meat

1 large frozen banana

1 scoop VEGA Sport Chocolate Protein Powder (or protein powder of your choice)

1/4 hemp milk, or other nondairy milk

1 tsp. vanilla extract


  1. Blend all of the ingredients together until smooth, may take a few minutes.
  2. Place in a mason jar in your fridge for at least an hour to set up.
  3. Enjoy with your favorite toppings or as is!